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Results of collective bargaining for 2010 published

Results of the survey of company collective agreements (CCA) in 2010 showed that in the business sphere, the economic crises led to a decrease of dynamics of the increase of minimum monthly wage tariffs, just like in the last year. Whereas in 2009, the wage tariffs were increased within the range of 2.3% and 5.6%, the dynamics of 2010 reach 0.8% to 2.4% due to the economic situation. In 2010, more than 42% of the analysed company collective agreements solved the issue of the wage development by an increase of one of the wage forms. Most frequently, the wage development was arranged in the form of an increase of the average nominal wage, by an increase of wage tariffs or by maintaining the real wage.

In addition to the minimum monthly tariffs and wage development, other areas were monitored too - most frequently provided extra payments (in particular extra pay for overtime work, for night work, for work on Saturdays and Sundays and extra pay for difficult working environment), benefits (in particular employer's contribution to canteen meals, to pension and life insurance) and employees' labour entitlements (length of holiday leave, provision of time off with wage compensation upon obstacles at work on the employee's side, etc.).

You can find complete results of the Working Conditions Information System in 2010 on the website www.kolektivnismlouvy.cz.